Welcome To Hebron Presbyterian Church

Hebron Presbyterian Church is known as a lively country church. It is located near the churchPittsburgh International Airport, is close to the Wildflower Reserve and Raccoon Creek  State Park, and is just past Janoski’s Country Restaurant on left side of Route 30 in Clinton, PA. The address is: 1767 Route 30 Clinton,Pa 15026.
Phone number is: 724-899-2620 ( office number).


Hebron Presbyterian Church – a Lively Country Church with Over 200 Years of Serving God and His People.


The mission of Hebron Presbyterian Church is to:

Express our faith in God and His Son Jesus through worship and celebration

Grow in faith by studying and teaching

Apply our faith by caring and sharing

Share our faith with the community and the world


We hope you will join us in worship, fellowship, and service.

     Another walk in the Wildflower Reserve with adults and kids on Sunday April 30th.  Sunday morning in the spring…. a beloved annual Hebron tradition!! There was lots of mud and lots of standing water in the paths, but we all wore boots and brought our change of shoes so we wouldn’t track mud into the church. We had 22 walkers and some who it was there first time doing the walk. 
Honoring our Graduating Senior at Church Service on April 30th
    Noah Wilson was our only graduating senior this year. We honored him at service with a gift. Noah will be attending Community College in the fall. We wish him the best!!
338583 Free to You — The New Living Translation Study Bible.
We at Hebron want everyone to come to know and experience God more fully. To achieve this, understanding His word is essential. We’ve made available to you, free of charge, a current modern translation study Bible to help you on this journey. As you enter the Hebron Church, these Bibles are available to you. If you do not have a study Bible, please take one of these and use it to guide you on your path to knowing and experiencing God more fully in your daily life.